Lucy's grapefruits
Alana's Llama

Jena's owl

Bec's Hand Drawing

Ellie's budgies

Maddy's drawing

Jasper's budgie

Emily's dream drawing

Sharna's dreaming drawing

Sumina's grapefruits
Tilly's turkey
Danielle's turkey
Saraya's guinea pig

Lily's rooster

Tegan's creepy tree
Aimee's pear
Big Cat Drawing

Danielle's fantasy drawing

Caitlin's soft toy

Aimee's "worm's eye view"

Eloise's soft toy drawing

Jasper's soft toy drawing

Little Eagle – chalk pastels   

Tiger – oil pastels

Creepy tree – pen and wash

Castle – pen and wash

Fox and moon – chalk pastels

Fruit in bowl – chalk pastels

James's "True Love" drawing

Thibault's Armadillo

Louisa's Wombat

Imaginary creature in forest

Keenan's Cheetah

Jem's Little Eagle

Very windy day

Heather's Windy Day