Art is good for the heART

Arty Pants offer after school art classes for primary school children north of the river.

Our classes focus on drawing, painting and clay work, with lots of fun and 'hands on' activities in between. The 'funky junk' class, using recycled materials, has become one of our most popular and exciting events.

We encourage children to express their boundless imaginations in a relaxed and creative environment. We explore different techniques and use a wide variety of materials including watercolour paints, inks, acrylic paints, pastels, clay and recycled materials.

Through our balanced art programme, children develop a sense of colour and form, while individual creativity unfolds as part of a natural process.

Arty Pants is an adventure into the realm of possibilities, a world where there are no right or wrong answers, and many ways to see and interpret feelings. Creative thinking and expression helps children 'say what cannot be said'.

It is a real delight to see children marvel at their own works of art, and after nine years of teaching together, we know that art is definitely good for the heArt!